Resilience and Wellbeing

Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing


Resilience is the psychological strength to work through difficulties and recover quickly from setbacks. When businesses promote resilience in the workplace, there is a 60% reduction in mental health costs. We aim to educate and empower people to build resilience and avoid struggle, strain and burnout.

Our Resilient Workshops purposefully bridge the gaps among personal, team and leadership resilience levels. Furthermore, all the workshops offer a blend of theory, discussion, tools, exercises and action planning.

All our workshops are designed so that everyone across the organisation can take ownership of their wellbeing and resilience.

These workshops can be 90-minute bite-sized sessions to full-day ones and are supported by a range of toolkit materials and resources for building resilient people and teams across the organisation.

Leadership Workshops

Leading teams before, during or after an organisational change can be challenging in today’s workplace climate and requires the teams to go the extra mile, sometimes at a cost to their wellbeing. We provide a range of leadership solutions that enable leaders to recognise the early signs of poor mental and physical health in themselves and their team members. Moreover, we ensure that team leaders know what a good mental health conversation looks like and that they are entirely able to lead their teams by being role models of healthy behaviours.

By assessing resilience thoughts and behaviours, senior teams gain insights on how leaders should promote resilience and support wellbeing in the workplace. These workshops provide the framework for leaders to understand the team’s pressure points, make improvements, and build a robust workplace well-being culture.

A New Way – 5 Step Resilience Programme©

Dealing with Covid-19 has been stressful. It has been a time of significant change for individuals, businesses & society. As we return to the so-called ‘new normal’, are you unsure about what the future looks like, both professionally and personally?

How has the emotional and mental aftermath of lockdown transformed or impacted you psychologically, practically and emotionally?

A heart-centred psychology-based programme that includes mental and emotional health sessions, better self-care, all go beyond traditional goal setting.

5 steps is a blended mix of professional and personal elements ? 1:1 weekly session or 3 x group sessions.

Getting real about the lockdown. How has it impacted or changed you? Are you grieving about your old life? For better or worse, we won’t bypass any experiences. All are honoured and welcome. Using tools and methods from the Grief Recovery Method™, we’ll look at the highs and lows of the past year.

Pre or post redundancy support – using proven tools and techniques to help you define your job search or develop a new role,  set out on a different career path, skills analysis and C.V reviews.

Returning to work-life after furlough; changes and adjustments, professionally and personally.

What it’s not – a programme full of pseudo positivity that denies lived lockdown experiences or aiming for you to become your best ‘pandemic self’.

Grief Recovery

We offer a range of workshops and 1:1 sessions using The Grief Recovery Method™ to support individuals and organisations.

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Leadership Development

Resilient Leaders build high levels of trust across organisations, perform consistently and lead by example; empowering and educating their teams during challenges times.

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Strategy & Employee Engagement

Workplace wellbeing has a clear relationship with employee engagement. We help build your business case and strategy, putting wellbeing at the heart of your organisation.

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