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Rethinking how we manage, recover and learn from failure in the workplace.

Plenty of performance models describe how individuals and teams can celebrate their success and accomplishments in the workplace. However, all humans, sooner or later, make mistakes and create results they would rather not have. The most important predictor of a good workday is making progress; but what happens when we fail or make a mistake?

yugen connections offer not only a range of bespoke leadership workshops for teams, but also individual coaching options to raise awareness about how we react to our failures and to those of others and how we grow as a result of our mistakes.

*P.E.R.K. Model

Maintain the following factors when you encounter failure: Impact and importance of

  • Purpose
  • Engagement
  • Resilience
  • Kindness

Finding meaning at work and how to bounce back

  • How to stay mentally engaged?
  • Mindfulness, positive emotions, reduce mind-wandering
  • What happens to our motivation when we make a mistake?
  • Purpose, Status, Sense of Achievement
  • Why is it important to cultivate positive emotions?
  • Gratitude and (self-) compassion
  • Take active steps to revitalise work through Job Crafting
    • Your Task (strengths)
    • Your Relationships (connections)
    • Your Thoughts (cognitive crafting)
  • Keys to Resilience at Work – here we explore meanings, models, research and do exercises on
    • Mindfulness, Authenticity, Mental Habits, and the benefits of time off/out.
    • How to release ‘negative scripts’ and question what is true
    • Growth Mindset – Carol Dweck
  • K in the P.E.R.K provides the biggest return on investment on happiness in the workplace.
    • Why civility and trust matters in the workplace – lead by example
    • The role of empathy and compassion for others – how to actively demonstrate it
    • How to cultivate gratitude and sense of belonging during times of individual and team failure
    • Self-compassion and kindness to self and others

*UC Berkeley

A New Way© – Resilient Leadership Workshops

Leading teams before, during or after an organisational change can be challenging in today’s workplace climate and requires the teams to go the extra mile, sometimes at a cost to their wellbeing. We provide a range of leadership solutions that enable leaders to recognise the early signs of poor mental and physical health in themselves and their team members.

Moreover, we ensure that team leaders know what a good mental health conversation looks like and that they are entirely able to lead their teams by being role models of healthy behaviours.

By assessing resilience thoughts and behaviours, senior teams gain insights on how they can best promote resilience and support wellbeing in the workplace. Our  leadership workshops help leaders to understand the team’s pressure points, where to make improvements and how to build a robust workplace wellbeing culture.


  • Understand the Psychology of Resilience
  • Leading Resilient Teams
  • The Resilient Leader – Mindset and Behaviours
  • Compassionate and Collaborative Leadership
  • Pressure v Performance; understand emotions, regulation, drivers and negative triggers

Resilience & Wellbeing

We deliver wellbeing workshops & 1:1 coaching. Let us help you to improve your team’s resilience, understand the importance of mindset, emotions, resilient thoughts, and manage pressure.

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Leadership Development

Resilient Leaders build high levels of trust across organisations, perform consistently and lead by example; empowering and educating their teams during challenges times.

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Strategy & Employee Engagement

Workplace wellbeing has a clear relationship with employee engagement. We help build your business case and strategy, putting wellbeing at the heart of your organisation.

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