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Resilience and mental wellbeing are rising up the list of agendas, with leading global organisations seeking to make employee wellbeing a cultural priority.

We are Workplace Wellbeing & Resilience Specialists. We provide expert advice on organisational wellbeing, conduct resilience assessments, deliver workshops, and offer 1:1 coaching for leaders, teams, and individuals. Additionally, we provide evidence-based solutions for resilient leadership development, emotional intelligence enhancement, and grief recovery.

Furthermore, we support organisations in building a business case for wellbeing (backed up by the latest research) through the effective implementation of their annual wellbeing strategy.

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A New Way© – 5 Step Resilience Programme

There is no denying the fact that working life can be extremely stressful for employees. The past few years have been a time of significant change for individuals, businesses and society. Frequently, many people are still unsure about what the future looks like, both professionally and personally.

yugen connections created A New Way© Resilience Programme  to develop better resilient thoughts and behaviours of individuals, teams, and leaders. It doesn’t matter whether you or your team are converting from the old to a new way of working, we can help.

A New Way©, a heart-centred programme designed and developed by our Founder, is a 5 step program that encompasses elements from mental and emotional health sessions, better self-care, along with physical wellbeing, all of which are in addition to more traditional goal setting. Each session is geared toward individuals or small groups; there is something for everyone. Leaders and their teams will be supported in a way that acknowledges stress and builds resilience for the future.

It’s a new way and a unique opportunity. 

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Resilience & Wellbeing

We deliver wellbeing workshops & 1:1 coaching. Let us help you to improve your team’s resilience, understand the importance of mindset, emotions, resilient thoughts, and manage pressure.

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Leadership Development

Resilient Leaders build high levels of trust across organisations, perform consistently and lead by example; empowering and educating their teams during challenges times.

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Strategy & Employee Engagement

Workplace wellbeing has a clear relationship with employee engagement. We help build your business case and strategy, putting wellbeing at the heart of your organisation.

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Why Invest in Workplace Resilience?

The three main causes of work-related poor mental health are too much pressure (52%), workload impacting on their ability to take leave (36%), and negative work relationships (33%)

Mercer/Mental Health at Work 2019 Report

The estimated cost of presenteeism caused by poor mental health to employers is £17bn to £26bn per year

Stevenson/Farmer review/Thriving at Work

85% of people reported a decline in general wellbeing; 50% decline in mental health

HBR Beyond Burnout 2021 - Covid19

Poor mental health costs employers £45bn each year

Deloitte Mental Health & Employers; Refreshing the case for investment, 2020

65% of people report that Covid has harmed their mental health;
employees are also feeling isolated while experiencing high levels of anxiety

Financial Times Readers Survey, 2021

Every week, one in six of us faces a common mental health problem

Mental Health Foundation 2019 (Prevention. & Mental Health)

One in five adults in Britain have experienced symptoms of depression during the pandemic

Office of National Statistics, Opinions and Lifestyle survey, 2021

When businesses promote resilience, there is a 60% reduction in mental health costs

Stevenson/Farmer review/Thriving at Work

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