Wellbeing Strategy and Employee Engagement

Creating Engaged Workforces

Creating an engaged workforce is not an easy task, not even in the best of times. According to Gallup, an actively disengaged employee costs their organisation $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary. Thus, it is essential to measure employee engagement to ensure the success of all businesses. In this regard, research now shows that it is vital to have wellbeing programs in place in order to boost and maintain the engagement of your teams.

At yugen connections, we have several years of experience and the expertise to deliver on employee engagement surveys, frameworks, and action-planning workshops that target board-level leadership teams. Furthermore, we can demonstrate that by aligning your employee engagement data and goals with Pillars of Resilience, your organisational wellbeing strategy can foster the following:

  • Stronger relationships at work
  • Healthier habits and wellbeing behaviours
  • Decreased stress – inside and outside of the workplace
  • Significantly improve mental, emotional and physical health
  • Enhanced morale across all teams
  • Engagement amongst leaders with the help of your EE data

Develop your workplace wellbeing business case and organisational strategy

  • We’ll make sure that your business case is backed by the latest research and sector examples and packed with culture-fit wellbeing initiatives.
  • As a true business partner, we’ll also assist you with designing and co-presenting your business case to key stakeholders.
  • We know data. It doesn’t matter whether you conduct annual or frequent pulse surveys; by analysing your employee engagement key driver data, we’ll show you the proven ways to increase and not only maintain workforce engagement but also create a culture of wellbeing with a more resilient workforce.
  • Let us help you design your employee engagement question banks. We’ll make sure that you tap into what people really think and feel about wellbeing within your organisation and which initiatives matter for the future.
  • We love helping organisations build innovation communities. By involving your employees and encouraging them to come up with their own ideas, we make sure that everyone, and not just the leadership, is included in creating a happier workplace.

Looking beyond physical wellbeing

Virgin Pulse and Human Capital Media (HCM) have been conducting a survey every year to learn more about health and wellbeing benefit programs. Amongst these surveys, the Business of Healthy Employees survey report by Virgin Pulse highlighted, for the first time, that employee engagement is regarded as a top driver for wellbeing programs.

  • 90% of employees believe their wellbeing programs positively affect work culture.
  • 42% of the survey respondents reported that their top reason for implementing a wellness program was to improve employee engagement.
  • Long considered nice-to-have programs, the data shows that wellbeing is becoming a critical business driver
  • Holistic wellbeing programs – those that address more than just physical activity – are no longer an evolving component of health and wellbeing programs, but a key aspect of them
  • Employees are more productive when they’re less stressed

We’d love to collaborate with you on all wellbeing projects and initiatives, no matter how small they are. Get in touch to learn more.

Resilience & Wellbeing

We deliver wellbeing workshops & 1:1 coaching. Let us help you to improve your team’s resilience, understand the importance of mindset, emotions, resilient thoughts, and manage pressure.

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Leadership Development

Resilient Leaders build high levels of trust across organisations, perform consistently and lead by example; empowering and educating their teams during challenges times.

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Strategy & Employee Engagement

Workplace wellbeing has a clear relationship with employee engagement. We help build your business case and strategy, putting wellbeing at the heart of your organisation.

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